The perfect serve

N°1 : Open a bottle of chateau lagrange


To open a bottle of Château Lagrange correctly, place a knife in the centre of the capsule ring and cut all around it. Place the screw of your Waiter’s Friend corkscrew in the centre of the cork. Screw half way down and partially lever out the cork to the first notch. Then screw to the end and uncork completely using the second level.

Smell the cork to check for any odour, and taste the wine to ensure there are no problems. Gently pour 10 cl of wine into the glass, holding the bottle with the label facing the taster. Lift the bottle with a quarter turn to avoid any dripping, or wipe with a cloth.

N°2 : The best temperature of service


Les Arums de Lagrange is best served at around 10°C. Chill in the refrigerator for 4 hours, or 20 minutes in an ice bucket.

Château Lagrange’s red wines are best served at around 18°C. You can store them at 16°C : after preparation and pouring, they will be at 18°C in the glass.

If the temperature is too low, the aromas and characteristics of the wine can be masked. If the temperature is too high, the wine can appear heavy.

N°3 : Carafing or decanting ?


We use a carafe to air the wine : this is for young or very tannic wines. We recommend a wide carafe. A Château Lagrange at the beginning of its drinking window (under 7 years old) should be carafed 2 to 3 hours before service, depending on the vintage. A fully mature Château Lagrange may be carafed one hour before service.  During this operation, the wine should run gently down the glass inside the carafe.

The aim of decanting is to get rid of any sediment in the bottle so that all your guests enjoy the same limpidity in their glass. Stand the bottle upright at least 24 hours before decanting.  Open just before the service, pouring very carefully into a decanter (narrower than a carafe to let in less oxygen) stopping before the sediment falls out of the bottle. This is appropriate for older vintages of Lagrange (20 years old or more).

N°4 : The right ageing conditions in your cellar

To conserve Château Lagrange wines correctly, place them:


2-In a dark room protected from ultraviolet light and any odours

3-At a constant temperature (ideally between 15-16 °C)

4-At a humidity level around 85%

An electric wine fridge or underground cellar is perfect.