The vine


Guiding and not forcing Nature


We are committed to a mindful viticulture, respecting and supporting the work carried out by the dedicated men and women on the property, preserving our heritage and our earth. From the choice of nursery plants to the traditional manual tasks in the vineyard, our philosophy consists in maintaining an even and sustainable production.

During the harvest, our pickers take particular care to select the best bunches from which we extract the quintessence of their character and singularity.


No detail must be overlooked in the creation of our wines, so that the full character of the terroir may be revealed

The vinification cellar


Innovation at the service of Precision


On arrival in the vat room, the grapes begin an important step in their journey, first sorted by an experienced hand, then passing under an optical camera for another sorting using state-of-the-art technology.


Next comes the crusher and then the arrival in the designated vat where the plot-by-plot approach takes on all its meaning: 102 stainless steel vats coupled with the 103 vine plots ensure we are able to preserve the freshness of aromas and flavours, and the individual character of each terroir.


From maceration to fermentation, regular vat tastings will guide all major decisions.

Eric Boissenot, our consultant oenologist, and the property’s own four oenologists taste the wines and choose the exact blend to be prepared in the winter following the harvest.

The Barrel Cellars


Tradition and time-honoured skills


Great care is taken of the wine as it ages in barrels, from the racking performed with precision in the traditional way using the esquive and a candle, to the topping up that requires patience and skill. Several months or years are necessary for time to work its magic and bring out the full expression in a wine. Then the bottle will embark on its voyage to the consumer, in France or around the world, thanks to partner Bordeaux wine merchants.

In the heart of our barrel cellars, the old vintage cellar hides a real treasure: age-old bottles are kept here, reminding us of our heritage and the expertise of wine makers at Lagrange in years gone by.